PodcastOne Australia: Andrew Rocks

When Andrew Rocks and his grandfather arrived at the remote farmhouse there was a scribbled note pinned to the door.

It was a lesson Andrew, only aged 8 then, would never forget, and would take to his business startup when he aged just 20, many years later.

What have you learned from your parents or grandparents that applies to your business today?  – How to build relationships with clients?  – Family values?   – Respect for others?  – Invest in others?

When Andrew Rocks was young he would often accompany his grandfather as he visited his business clients in regional NSW. This taught Andrew the importance of treating clients and staff members as family.

In the podcast, Andrew shares with Charles Fairlie how he founded Announcer on the same values his grandfather used many years earlier.

Andrew Rocks Podcast:  https://bit.ly/2tQSE7G

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